Obaid & Youssef

Obaid is a 32 years old professional architect and visual artist from Yemen. Youssef is 22 years old from Palestine.

“…I left Syria nearly three years ago, trying very hard to finally reach Europe. After living in Turkey for two years, I finally decided to risk my life and cross the land border to Greece, where I arrived 7 months ago” -Obaif

“My life’s journey became really full of troubles since I was accepted as a refugee in Greece. The neglect and pain keep me painting.
I was recently granted asylum in Greece, so now I hope to study Graphic Design and Visual Art.” – Youseff

With your purchase, you support the work of Obaid, Youssef and other emerging refugee artists who use art to heal trauma in residence with ‘Love Without Borders For Refugees’.

For more information, please contact fondatrice@wd-forum.org.